Gerrell R.
They have some of the best bud you can find for definitely the rest price
Allred Geneva
Loooooove the vibe spewing out of this little gem! :two_hearts: Jordan, is my favorite but EVERY SINGLE budtender in this place is awesome, they get you in and out quickly if you're in a hurry and take their time educating us customers! I learned the difference between THC and THCa today!
Napier Inez
This is my go-to store. They always have great prices and customer service. I also like the points that add up for discounts! Great shop! I would highly recommend them
Wyatt Nunes
This place has the best deals in the state, everyday is somthing different, and a nice selection, the art on the building is dope af, and they be having food trucks all the time!! 🤤🤤 so happy to have this place. 💯💯🤟❤🥳
Quality x Quality
Hidden gem. I don't want to blow up my fav spot. Best prices and quality in the city. Intimate homey feels. Locals know this is the spot.
Mc B.
This is the best weed shop store in Washington. Services always welcoming. Staff is always friendly. And the atmosphere is always safe. Will
Michael J.
Amazing & knowledgeable staff w/ a super chill vibe around the entire shop. If you come here, the service is quick & you'll forsure leave happy! Amir helped me out tremendously & educated me on a lot.